Job Opportunity

Parks & Recreation Needs Assessment Survey

Published: May 6, 2021

As the City of Medina meets the needs of our fast growing community, it is vital that we recognize the preferences and interests of our citizens and develop our community’s parks based on those considerations.  To better plan for our parks and recreation development, we have attached a short survey for you to post your views. City of Medina thanks you for responding to this survey- your input is very valuable. Download Survey

Job Opportunity

Published: Feb 2, 2021

Medina Police Department is accepting application for full-time patrolman position working 12-hour shifts. Benefits include employee health insurance and TCRS retirement. City of Medina Public Works is accepting applications for full-time employee working 7am-4pm 5 days a week. Benefits include employee health insurance and TCRS retirement.  Application can be picked up at City of Medina, 201 Hwy 45E North, Medina. For more information call 731-783-3913. City of Medina is an equal opportunity employer.

Medina Community Park Upcoming Construction Site

Published: Jan 8, 2021

Within the next few weeks, the Medina Community Park ditches will be cleaned and some trees removed by the Tennessee River Basin.  The estimated start date is September 15. The park will remain open but you will need to park according to the area you are going to.  This project is to improve the water flow and reduce potential flooding conditions. Thank you for your patience.